With over 40 years experience, Iris Wieselmann is a make-up artist to the stars. Her work has featured everywhere, from Hollywood movie sets, Australia’s Brownlow and Logies events as well as endless fashion and bridal magazines. She has also worked on music video clips, various well known advertisements and countless television series. Her passion and talent are evident through her quality of work and long trail of awards, including best make-up artist ten years consecutively. Iris truly has become Australia’s most renowned across the make-up industry and now, together with daughter Brooke, who is set to follow in her mothers footsteps - A brow specialist, makeup artist and educator with 15 years experience and a household name amongst celebrities in Melbourne, the pair have created their own legacy. An entire, flawless rage of premium makeup products at affordable prices.

"Designing and creating an entire makeup range as makeup artists, verse a company, gives us a huge leg up amongst our competitors as we are the ones on the ground actually using the products. Working with different faces, different skin tones, types and textures, different insecurities and varying preferences. We know our clients, we know our customers, and we know them by name! We are immersed by these people day in day out which gives us the unique ability to constantly improve our products and establish gaps within the market place from real people through real conversations! 
Our products, therefore, are merely an execution of what you have all been asking for"  - Brooke 

 This incredible range is bound to impress you and keep you coming back for more! 


Iris Wieselmann Makeup Artist Melbourne